Story Behind the Resort Flourish 21

Story Behind the Resort Flourish 21

Each season our designers look to a wide range of sources to inspire the new collection- from architectural movements and natural environments to the diverse Boutiques of Cartagena. For SS21.

Our Capsule Flourish Resort 21 transports you to the dream spring on the Caribbean boutiques, where days turns into luxury rest and calm. Cartagena represented a shining example of tropical colonialism, immersed in its historical charm.

They say that spring is undoubtedly nature's favorite season. It is radiant, it seems to be celebrating during these days, adorning with the most colorful colors of fields, gardens and parks. Plants flourish, trees turn green, and the courtship of many species begins…

Our signature prints are re-arranged as if imagined by God´s of nature himself. Inspired on leaves, flowers and trees seen from a microscope.

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