Every Day is Weekend

Every Day is Weekend

The effect of weekend. Scientists have proven that people really are happier and healthier on the weekend. Why?

Have you ever wondered why people have to be happier on Fridays than on other days of the week? It seems that our mind would be programmed to understand what the mood is for Friday, and what the mood is for Monday.

Some scientists have detected people are really happier and healthier over the weekend. As proof that weekends are good for you, the researchers found that people of all occupations, regardless of whether they are; entrepreneurs, investors, employees or pensioners. They will feel happier over the weekend than during the week.

The funny thing is that Friday being a work day seemed less forced than the rest of the days. And because of this, they not only reported improvements in mood, but also more energy and less pain and discomfort from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.

And psychologists have called this symptom the "effect of the weekend" and it is mainly because people feel happier because of the freedom it gives them on weekends and the control they have over what they were doing.

Professor Richard Ryan of Rochester university, who led the research, said: "Workers, even those with interesting, high status jobs, really are happier on the weekend"

Our findings highlight just how important free time is to an individual's well-being.

Interesting, right?

Relatively free time on weekends provides critical opportunities to bond with others, explore interests and relax. He added: "These are basic psychological needs that people should be careful not to displace with excessive work."

The study, the first to observe the daily variation in the mood of workers, tracked the mood of adults aged 18 to 62 who worked at least 30 hours per week. For three weeks, participants were located three times during the day, once in the morning, afternoon and evening.

At each point, participants completed a brief questionnaire describing what they were doing and rated positive feelings as happiness, joy and pleasure, as well as negative feelings of anxiety, anger and depression.

All this sounds very curious, but the really curious thing is that this symptom found from a part of our body that we often neglect and is our mind.

The mind has the ability to alter our moods. That is why it is so common that a mentally weak person quickly flees to a difficult situation, but calm that is not our case, Haha! Of course not, we have all gone through situations from which we want to flee.

The point is, our mind should be programmed by us, not by the situation or by Monday, damn Monday! I'm sorry, i had to say it. Only when it is we who program our mind, can we identify our mind by reacting positively to everything we do.

So, from this Monday do everything you would like to do, enjoy your day, the worst thing you can do is live a life that you would like to run away from, take control of your situation, get the weekly calendar out of your mind, and forget the day you are. Every day is weekend!

And as every day is a weekend you will make your life according of that, relax and do the activities that you like, your hobbies, your pleasures, start living the kind of life you want. If you don't believe it, nobody will do it for you. Program your mind for fun and when returns the symptom of the week, remind it that you dominate. So go take a Martini and cheers in front of it, and tell it who's boss. 

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